Becoming a global community – through play!

During the pandemic our Spolin Theater Games School continued the play online. Our goal wasn’t continuing our regular curriculum anymore, it was just to be together, mindful of our feelings, support each other and have fun during these frustrating times. With her games and side-coaching, Viola Spolin became our therapist in a way. We laughed, had fun, felt lighter and developed new skills. Most importantly, we deeply understood the need for artistic creation, game playing and togetherness during these troubling times.

See each other, hear each other, follow the follower!
Take a walk in the space and feel your feet!
Now play with the space, transform it!

Transformation, which lies in the core of improvisation took a different meaning for us. As an educator, I got to experience and eventually create a new playground for Spolin games. Even though the pandemic separated us, we find a way to be together using the means of our day – this time as a global community. This season we will hold workshops online for players all around the world. Join the game and let’s play!

— Ege Maltepe

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