Improvisation Show ; Viola Spolin’s Theater Games

Spolin-Ist Players are a diverse group of New Yorkers; actors, writers, therapists, software engineers, filmmakers who LOVE Viola Spolin’s Theater Games! Now we are ready for our next performance. In this open workshop formatted show you’ll get to witness our process of “follow the follower”, and “heighten and explore”* in the land of unknown.

WHERE: Alchemical Theater Lab: 104 W 14th Street, 2nd Floor, New York NY.

WHEN: March 21, 8pm

WHO: Dylan Grunn, Cihangir Duman, Meaghan Adawe McLeod, Bridget Knapp, Josh Thomas, Matthew Dietz, Kenan Baysal, Aydın Baltacı, and Ege Maltepe (Director/side-coach).


HOW: Tickets are only $5, get them online:

* Spolin’s famous side-coaching phrases. Known as the mother of improvisation in America, Viola Spolin changed theater for generations. Here‘s a recent article about the history of improvisation. And here is her extensive biography.


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